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The idea to create a Cafe Cito was born during early morning car show set ups. During these early mornings, the founders (Edgar and Denisse) realized that a quality coffee vendor was missing. Cafe Cito was originally created to be a coffee cart. The planning, equipment and efforts were focused on a coffee cart. The opportunity arose to partner with Suavecito and since we had been a part of Suavecito since the beginning, the partnership was created.

It was important for our flagship coffee shop to be in Downtown Santa Ana. As native Santaneros, born and raised, we knew we needed to stay in our city. Both Edgar and I got our start in coffee over a decade ago, and we had focused our energy into building Suavecito, so when the time came to build Cafe Cito, both of us were amazed at how much the coffee industry had changed and evolved. We love it.

We wanted to create a coffee shop where you can bring the whole family to on a Sunday morning. A space where you can enjoy a perfectly balanced cappuccino but your Tía can get her sweet and creamy latte.

Come enjoy some Cafe Cito with us.